7 Surprising Cold Shower Benefits For Your Body

Nothing is more relaxing than taking a very good cold shower. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that a cold shower brings a lot of benefits to your body. From improving alertness to increasing blood circulation, the benefits of cold shower can’t be underestimated.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t installed a powerful electric shower in your bathroom the go ahead and do it. After all, not everyone in your household is a cold-water fan. There are several powerful electric showers that we’ll not look at in this article. That said, here are the 7 surprising cold shower benefits for your body.

1. Healthy skin and hair

Who doesn’t love a healthy skin? If you like showering using hot water, you’ll notice your skin become dry because hot water strips your skin of the natural oils. On the other hand, cold water constricts the blood vessels, hence temporarily tightening and closing the pores to reduce redness.

2. Increase alertness

Taking a cold shower early in the morning can look like a horrifying experience instead of a soothing one. Before taking ice cold baths/ showers early in the morning, most of us tend to take a deep breath to prepare the body for the shock. As a result, there is increased oxygen intake by the body. Furthermore, you’ll experience an increased heart rate, which leads to increased blood flow in the entire body. In short, this improves your alertness and energy for the day ahead.

3. Increased immunity

A study conducted by researchers revealed that people who mostly take cold showers have a high number of white blood cells compared to those who subject themselves to hot showers. They found out cold showers speeds up your metabolism, hence creating more and more white blood cells. This way, your body is able to effectively combat a lot of diseases.

4. Fight depression

There is strong evidence to suggest that cold showers can help you overcome depression. When cold water hits your body, you’ll feel like the nerves are firing. Due to this impulse, your brains will kind of reset, hence a mood boosting effect. In fact, researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University found out that cold water is more effective than the over-the-counter antidepressants.

5. Boost willpower and self-discipline

If you take a cold bath, you’re subjecting yourself to uncomfortable but manageable stress levels. This will eventually force your nervous system to keep up with the stress levels. That way, you’re preparing yourself to handle any stress better. Just relate this to the usual strength training program in the gym – the more you train the stronger you become.

6. Increased fat loss

Now this might come as a surprise of all the points, but it’s actually true. Typically, there are 2 main types of fat in the body: brown and white fat. That said, white fat is the excess fats you see in your body such as pudgy belly, whereas brown fat is responsible for keeping us warm and generating heat. When you shower with cold water, you activate the brown fat, which in turn helps burn down those pasty white fats.

7. Increases muscle recovery

If you’re currently undergoing gym workouts, muscle recovery should be high up on your list of priorities. This is because if your muscles recover quickly, you’ll also quickly gain reps and weights. That being said, cold water shower is very important for your muscle recovery. This is the reason why most renowned sportsmen like ice cold baths.

The Summing Up

Are you surprised? If you make it a habit of showering using cold water for a few days of the week, you’ll definitely see a lot of changes in your body. In fact, most of these positive effects of cold water baths are scientifically proven. You can tell us more about your experience with cold water baths by leaving us a comment in the comments section below.

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